Organix – Línea Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner
I have not heard much about this brand really. The first (and only time) was in a video from a pretty well-known breauty guru in YT. She was really loving this products, but I thought “whatever is not like we have those here, so…” Well, you will imagine my surprise when I found them in a local drugstore. And it was not only the shampoo and conditioner, they had the oil treatment with some other products AND two other lines of hair care (the moroccan argan oil and the coconut milk one). 
So, of course I decided to try them, but as they are not cheap (they are drugstore products, yeah, but I think they are $10USD/ $4.990 Pesos each aprox) and I still had quite a bit of another shampoo/conditioner I was using at the time so I tought I’d try them next month… then, next thing you know my boyfriend’s mom got them for me (<3 yayyy) and I am now able to review them for you :D.

Brand: Organix
Line: “Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy” Shampoo & Conditioner
Products in this line:
– 30 Day Smoothing Treatment
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Flat Iron Spray
– Anti-Breakage Serum
– 14 Day Smoothing Treatment
– Hydrating Keratin Masque
– Shimmering Keratin Oil
Produts Tried: Shampoo & Conditioner 
Price: $7,99 in Ulta in the US (the shampoo at least) / $4.990 aprox. Farmacias Salcobrand (Chile)
Amount of product: 385ml (13fl.oz)
Consistency: Like a condensed gel (not so liquidy)
Smell: Amazing, smells like coconut and cocoa butter… reminds me to summer beach days.

Says it is “An exclusive blend of antioxidant rich coconut oil along with lush keratin proteins to strengthen and soften the hair, while avocado oil and cocoa butter smooth the cuticle for straight, strong tresses, adding a brilliant glow and luminescent shine

Is not 100% natural, but it doesn’t contain sulfates or sodium chloride (which are pretty harsh for your hair) and is not full of bad stuff either.

So, I’ve tryed both, the shampoo & conditioner for about 3 weeks now. My hair is fine, straight-ish and not badly damaged with tendency to get oily pretty fast. The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner I loved the smell (which lingers for a while) and the consistency (is a lot thicker than others). I was worried it would not lather since some all-natural products tend not to lather very well being a pain in the you know what, but it lathers nicely so you don’t have to use a massive quantity of product.

Till now it hasn’t strengthen my hair as it claims, but it does leave it extremily clean, soft and shiny. My hair actually lasts clean for a longer time and -i like to say that- it gets dirty “with dignity” so i’m very happy with the results. 

Now, I bought this products pimarely cause they are sulfate, silicone and parabens free and because I heard they were really good obviously -which they are- but I didn’t bought it because of it’s supposed straightening qualities, but, what do you know, they are real. My hair ends straight as hell without heat! Which is cool if you want straight hair and not so good if you like -and lack- volume (like me).

Finally, If you have dry hair this could dry it even more (since it doesn’t have silicones i think), so you should use a hydrating product afterwards or use a hydrating treatment every two weeks or so. And if your hair is heavily damaged i think you should use something else with this products or try the morocan argan oil maybe (haven’t tried it yet).

And that’s it. I really liked the products, so i’ll recomend them if you want to try them. They’re great!
Hope you liked the review. If you’ve tried this products please let me know your thoughts about them in the comments! 

Have a great week!




One thought on “Organix – Línea Brazilian Keratin Treatment

  1. hi blogger . I also use this product . its really natural . at first I’m so excited to use it but its been 2 months from the day I purchased it . I get used to it, And i can sense that my hair is dry at the late afternoon . Its a good try to me however I will not purchase this shampoo again.

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